Our Values

Group hug in the kitchen with Samson.

Karma – People call this by different names. For some, it’s “The Golden Rule”. To us, this means that if you work to make the world better, in small or large ways, the good you do will come back to you – often in unexpected ways.  It also works in the reverse and reminds us to always be our best.

Honesty and humility – We have a rule: if you’re wrong, you must admit it. Believe it or not, it always makes us laugh now – it keeps us humble and our minds open to new, better ways of thinking.

Piedmont Turkey Trot - Thanksgiving Day (earning our meal later)

Adventure – Life is an adventure. Follow your dreams, take chances, explore the world. There are no certainties in life and we welcome the unexpected. With the right attitude, no matter how things turn out, they are just as they should be.

At the Tour of California in Pasadena

Fitness – We live healthy and we stay fit. We plan to lead by example with our child in whatever way they most enjoy. Michael loves exploring new places by bicycle and he races competitively in local events on weekends. Teresa loves biking, running, swimming, participating in triathlons and will try just about anything. She also enjoys regular group workouts at the YMCA.

Education and self -improvement – Education is very important to us and we plan to provide the best possible opportunities for our child, whatever their dreams may be.

Our home is our haven – We even wrote this into our wedding vows. People say our home has a “good vibe” o

r it’s very comfortable. We value that because it doesn’t just happen. We make it that way on purpose.  Wherever we go in our life’s journey, we will always make somewhere a cozy home.

Gratitude – “Happiness is not having what you want. It is wanting what you have.”

These values don’t always represent the “easy” path but they are ours. When facing decisions, we have our values to call upon to help us do the right thing.