Our Pets

Who shares our home with us now?
Glad you asked. Here they are, in order of their introduction into our lives…

Samson Lawrence Hardy

Samson Lawrence Hardy

Samson came into our lives via the San Francisco SPCA along with his sister Eva in 2002, the year we were married. At the time, he was 9 years old and VERY FAT! He was 25lbs! He is now a respectable 17 & 1/2 and down to a healthier weight. Because of a thyroid condition, he’s lost more than we would have liked, so we’re now actively trying to keep weight on him which means he is living a CAT HEAVEN. We cook up chicken drumsticks every week and this is his staple diet. He’s not complaining.

Samson has tons of personality, a tad feisty, but mainly just a big lover. We have been lucky to have him so long and only wish we still had Eva, his beautiful sister, who lost her battle with cancer quietly in my arms five years ago and is still very much missed by us all.

L.T. Hardy

L.T. Hardy (aka "Mamacita")

L. T. came to us about a year or so after we lost our Eva Girl. Our friend Julia knew of our loss and had asked if we could take her as she was having difficulty with Julia’s other cats, one of whom was picking on the petite, sweet girl. As you can see, she likes to sit in sinks, but she also loves her “scritchin’s” and will have a conversation with you all day long, she’s quite the talker.

And last, but not least…

Matthilda “Squorchy” Hardy

She chose this pose herself...

When Teresa’s father was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, we knew that one of his biggest concerns was for his cat. Despite the fact that she really had no name, she was his best companion and he loved her so we made sure that he knew we’d take her and care for her and we have. And she’s actually quite a sweet girl, if maybe not the brightest bulb in the box. We won’t lie and say that all three of our cats get on great, but they’re improving so it’s looking promising. Now if we could only do something about all that fur!

Our pet potato Russ

Just Russ

Okay, I’m just being silly (Teresa).  But we really do have a potato with googly eyes in the kitchen.  Life’s too short to be too serious.