On Adoption

From her earliest memories, Teresa always knew she was adopted, which meant she was “loved extra”. Her biological parents cared enough to ensure she had a good home and her adoptive parents chose to raise her in one.

Closed adoptions were the norm at the time so she didn’t know her biological family growing up. Curiosity led her to find them eventually – they were extremely welcoming and receptive of her – and now we are all one big family.

We feel that open adoption is an honest approach to a situation that is unique for every family. When Teresa reunited with her birth parents, it added another dimension to her knowledge about herself and was deeply satisfying, making it clear to us that open adoption is a path to follow. We would love to meet you and to learn what it is you want from an open adoption, too.

Dancing with my dad, Merritt, at our wedding. Even though they divorced, my adoptive parents remained good friends and they made sure I always knew I was loved. I think you can see here the feeling was mutual.