Family & Community

The Hardy Family... a serious bunch

We both come from large families. Teresa is an adoptee who found her (rather large) birth family 8 years ago so her family consists of both her adoptive and her biological family, most of whom are in Northern California.

Michael's crew - Team Oakland

Though most of Michael’s family live in Austin and Houston, Texas, we see them often. Being a family of “frequent fliers” helps keep us close and our bonds strong. We have four nieces, and many cousins starting families now, too.

Teresa has a posse - the Downtown Oakland YMCA crew celebrate friendship

Our friendships and local communities are an important part of our lives. Teresa belongs to our local YMCA. More than just a gym, the Y provides a terrific support network of a diverse group of working, active, and healthy families.  We take trips, cook meals, volunteer, shop, exercise, create, and celebrate together as well as help each other in times of need. Michael belongs to a racing team of competitive cyclists, another close-knit community of healthy and active families. We look forward to seeing our children grow together and create lasting friendships of their own.

Tea and biscuits on an airstrip in Botswana with Benson, our friend and guide.

Our world – a much larger “community”
We love traveling and want to travel with our child as soon as it is feasible. We like to travel “with purpose” and prefer exploring a place through its people, off the well-trodden tourist road. Being invited to someone’s home or participating in a unique cultural tradition are the things we treasure.

Hiking with friends in Chişinău, Moldova

The glimpses into other peoples’ lives give us perspective and our capacity for compassion and understanding.  For example, in Zimbabwe, Teresa ate a mopani worm.

Michael's family's bay house in Galveston, TX. He spent many happy days here as a child.

Why?  Because, though we might turn up our noses at something that seems so gross, when you live somewhere that it is all the protein you can get, you don’t complain, you just eat it. It was merely symbolic for her, of course, but reminded us both… we are fortunate.  Count your blessings.

Michael takes niece Lilly and friends' daughter Lindsay to Robert's Park by our house.

We can’t wait until we can show our child some of the amazing places we’ve been and love.  We realize international travel with a small child might be more challenging than rewarding for them until they are older but we do look forward to exploring our own country more in our child’s younger years, by car,  train or even possibly RV.  Road trip anyone???