On Parenting

Double piggy-back rides for our friends' son Zion and our niece Lillith.

They say in life you can either ride a roller coaster or a merry-go-round. Our successfully parenting friends have an attitude we admire – choose the roller coaster and enjoy it.

My friend and protege Bella helps me decorate colorful birthday cupcakes

Expect the unexpected and have patience. We don’t plan to just impose our ideas of parenting, but instead to pay attention and learn from their needs, allowing them the freedom to explore, make friends, try new things, and for us to decide together what works best for each situation.

Above all, we know it is our number one priority to make sure our child knows they are loved and cared for – we look forward to that part the most.

We look forward to the day that we hold our child. Until then, we still love holding other people's babies!

We may have different parenting styles – Michael may be more playful and physically active while Teresa may be more “mellow” and likely to share a book or quiet activity together than engage in horseplay, but we think it’s a good balance.  We also feel we compliment each other’s interests – Michael’s being more “the scientist” and Teresa being more “the artist”.  We both appreciate those things about each other and we look forward to each giving of ourselves to our child.

Most importantly, we agree on the essentials – our philosophies on boundaries, discipline, and self-expression are compatible.  We share a commitment to always work it out if ever we find ourselves at odds.