Kym’s Words

Our friend Kym Sterner is amazing – a super-woman, truly.  I have so much respect for her – she is a genuinely awesome person.  She leads bootcamp at the Oakland YMCA (and does it all as a volunteer), is an engineer (smarty pants) and has a wonderful family life (and I adore both her boys, Andrew and Cory).  She is incredibly motivating, outgoing, intelligent… I could go on.  I’m just lucky to know her and call her one of my good friends.

She’s been so supportive of us in our adoption journey, I asked her recently “can I quote you??”  In true Kym style, she took it even further and wrote a lovely “endorsement”.  If you don’t want to read all of this, just read the second to last sentence.  I get choked up every time I read that.  I know she means it and that means the world to me.

I will call this  “Kym’s endorsement”.  It’s a bit long but how do you edit such a glowing review of yourself???

“I have known Teresa and Michael Hardy for several years and can imagine you, just now, getting to know them through their website.  Yes, they sound too good to be true.  Once you have met them you, like many before you, will be changed.  They have this aura that inexplicably makes you feel drawn in, included in something wonderful and somehow particularly and specifically worthy, even at the same time that their individual and shared depth of character, scope of aptitudes, wit and humor, and warmth and integrity could understandably leave you in awe.  They are intelligent, talented, hard-working, self-reflective, community-minded, healthy, fun, welcoming and open-hearted, discerning yet accepting, and most importantly loving, of each other and those around them.  They are generous in nature, always offering to help with their time or skills and experiences, but they maintain a priority to their relationship so that they are not spread too thin.  They are contagiously goal-oriented with high standards and expectations, inspire others to do their best in their endeavors and are willing to push, pull, and prod in support. They do not take the easy route, unless it would be imprudent to do otherwise.  They tell it like it is.  They roll as they need to with life’s ups and down (It was difficult to watch Teresa in a state of loss having to accept and process the death of her father, and deal with the “to do list” that befalls those left behind, though she did such with grace even though her sadness was palpable.).  They are educated, well-read, interested and involved leaders and builders of community, but do it for not for reasons of the ego but for reasons of the heart.  They are self-effacing without being self-deprecating.  They have strong, well-defined values defined through challenge and optimism.  They are quirky and original and just really all-around lovely folk.  People are simply better once they’ve been exposed; I know I am.  Ever since I found out that they were hoping to adopt a child and create a family, I have teased them about adopting me.  Of course I would love to be a part of their family, but even more telling, I would entrust my own dear children to them.   You are fortunate to have found them.”

Kym with husband Dave, and sons Andrew and Corey after completing her first 1/2 Ironman triathlon. See? I told you she was super-woman!


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Heard today in the sewing room…

“Auntie Teresa is a good giver.”  – Lindsay Gilbert, age 3

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Sarah’s words

From our adoption agency’s questionnaire by us, answered by one of Teresa’s best childhood friends, Sarah Thompson:

What special qualities do you believe the couple has that would enable them to be good parents?

“Teresa and Michael have a special spark; they have a compatibility that you don’t often see these days.  Their connection is visible, open and real.  They understand each other’s needs and give each other room to be themselves.  They don’t jump into things blindly but are still spontaneous.  They are intelligent, open minded and optimistic.  I feel honored beyond words to count them among my friends, and can’t wait to see them succeed as parents.”

Sarah, her daughter Nora, and husband Dell

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Stacey’s words

From our adoption agency’s questionnaire by us, answered by Teresa’s oldest childhood friend, and still her best friend, Stacey Adams, when asked about Michael.

How would you describe him?

“Michael is nothing short of amazing! I say that without the least bit of exaggeration. Michael is brilliant! He is a walking encyclopedia with an unquenching thirst for knowledge. But he doesn’t just store all this information; he applies it to make his life and the world a better place. He is also very willing to share his knowledge with anyone who asks. He has been very kind in answering all my many questions on all sorts of subjects. Don’t get me wrong; he’s not a ‘know-it-all’ who behaves as if he’s smarter and better than everyone else. He’s a very humble fellow and extremely kind. He doesn’t judge a single soul and is very fair minded. He goes out of his way to help people. He has an innate way of reading people and is able to befriend anyone. He is also very athletic and loves to ride his bike, training for races as well as commuting to work. Michael is also very funny and enjoys the simple things in life. I’d call him very low maintenance! He is very mature and has done an amazing job at building a successful life for himself. He’s very responsible and open minded, loving, sweet and fun to hang out with. He is also one of my favorite people and he and Teresa are such a good match for each other. I ‘approved’ of him marrying her!!”

(p.s.  I couldn’t have said this better myself!  -Teresa)

Stacey, her husband Eric, and their son Benjamin, with Michael, in Colorado

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Eve’s words

From our adoption agency’s questionnaire about us, answered by our friends Eve and Marek Gilbert:

Would you be willing to place your own children permanently with this couple if you were unable to care for them? Please explain why or why not?

“Yes, we would, and that is not something we take lightly. Teresa and Mike share our values, they love our children, and we have no doubt that they would do everything they could to make a good life for our girls. Beyond that they are financially stable, they believe in the value of education, hard work, a healthy lifestyle, and we believe they would raise our girls to be excellent, capable, independent people with a sense of responsibility and a sense of place in the world.”

– Eve and Marek Gilbert

Eve and Lindsay

Marek and Natalie

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