Here are just some random pictures in no particular order.   Feel free to leave a comment on any of them and thanks for visiting!   Oh, and please discontinue looking at them before you get sick of looking at us!  There are a lot of photos and since a picture tells a thousand words, these speak volumes about who we are and what we like to do.  But the only real way to truly get to know us is to meet us and we hope that you might find a picture that makes you smile or feel like we might have something in common and you’ll want to get in touch.


October 27, 2010. Pictures. Leave a comment.

In anticipation of Halloween…

Some of our favorite Halloween costumes…

October 27, 2010. Pictures. Leave a comment.

Where he gets his good looks

Michael gives his mom, Jacque a squeeze at his sister Kris' wedding in Austin.

October 18, 2010. Pictures. Leave a comment.

A magenta Victorian

Niece Lilly arranges furniture in the dollhouse I made for her 6th birthday. She loved it, yay!!!

When I make something for someone, I spend a lot of time thinking about them when I am working on it.  With every single one of those shingles, I thought of my niece Lilly and the joy she would get playing with this house.  Okay, I’m not going to lie, part of the time I was also thinking, “OW, hot glue! my fingers!!!!”

She chose that magenta paint scheme and I built the whole thing from balsa wood and papered the walls and even found hardwood floor patterned fabric that I shellacked to the floor which looks really real.

And it was just a happy coincidence that the fedora I found at at thrift store for her perfectly matched her house.  I’m not sure if she loved the hat as much as I loved seeing it on her but oh well, we can’t all be hat people!

Here it is all finished and ready to make a little girl happy. I would have just died of happiness if someone gave me this when I was little.

August 5, 2010. Pictures. Leave a comment.

Starting to notice a theme…

We picnic a lot, don't we?

There’s nothing like writing a blog about yourselves to make you realize funny things you didn’t notice before… like how many pictures we seem to have of us picnicking.  I mean, I knew we liked to do it but I didn’t realize how much until now.

Here we are in Vancouver with our dear friend Brent.  We traveled with him and his husband Larry to be witnesses at their wedding in Canada since they were not allowed to get married in the U.S. and, well, they just should be.

July 31, 2010. Pictures. Leave a comment.

Biking around Paris

Taking a picnic at the Eiffel Tower. We try to have at least one picnic per day in Paris.

It is the best way, in our opinion, to see the sights and sounds of Paris.  We love navigating the subway system too, but biking is the best way in the summer time!

"Can we rent a little dog with these bikes too?" -Teresa

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He cleans up all right

Michael's sister Kris looking radiant at her wedding in Austin. Oh, and Michael too.

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Big O and me

My friend Misha fosters kittens.  This one’s named “Big O” because he was found under a tire.  Even with a silly name like that, I wanted to take him home.  But I was good. I resisted!

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Lunch at the Grist Mill with Tom and Penny

Michael's dad and stepmom in Gruene, TX

July 31, 2010. Pictures. Leave a comment.


Eating corn in front of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

July 31, 2010. Pictures. Leave a comment.

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