About Us

On the train to see family in Seattle. A Christmas tradition. Who doesn't love a train???

Loveable dorks.

We met 10 years ago at a musical play (Annie!) in which Teresa had a small part. We had an instant connection – Teresa remembers the brightness of his eyes and his smile and Michael remembers her confidence in introducing herself.

We're a little silly sometimes.

After a few near misses and some very coincidental meetings, we began dating a few months later, fell in love practically immediately, and have been happily married for nearly eight years.  We feel like we just got lucky and try to never forget to be grateful for that.

We live in a home we own on a quiet, family-friendly street at the base of the Oakland Hills. It has a nice yard and garden, is clean and bright and light, and has plenty of room for a family.  The neighborhood has many young children and  friendly and active families. Adding to the coziness of our home are our three cats, Samson (17 & 1/2!), Matthilda, and L.T. (both 7-ish).

Picnicking on the rarest of rare - a sunny day at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. We are pro picnickers!

We love living in Oakland .  We know it gets a bad rap sometimes, but if you know Oakland, you know that only certain parts of Oakland have those problems.  Most of it is really good – and that’s the part we love.  Having moved here from San Francisco, its proximity to SF is great since we have many friends there also and love to spend time there too.  The East Bay’s wealth of beautiful outdoor spaces, parks and woods, its cultural diversity and comfortable livability make it a perfect place for us to raise a family.

Showing off our decorated gourds at our friend Adam's winery in Livermore. Pretty fancy, eh?

We both work with computers, mostly. Michael is the CFO and part owner of a software consulting company in San Francisco. He usually bikes to work or works from home. Teresa has her own web design and development company and also works from home.

Celebrating Teresa's birthday at Fenton's Ice Cream in Oakland (post-luau!) Okay, maybe we pigged out a little.

We have had complete strangers approach us and say that we seem like we are very much in love. They are right! No marriage is perfect but we feel lucky because we are truly happy together and know that it will last. Our commitment runs deep – it is not to just stay together, but to make our relationship really work – for us each to be happy as individuals and be happy together. We make sure to listen; we support each other in our choices; and we respect each other. We look forward to sharing this same commitment to each others happiness and success with a child as they grow.