About Teresa

Teresa has always loved animals, big and small. In the case of Rupert, very, very big.

(by Michael)

My favorite quote about Teresa is that “she is exactly as nice as she seems to be.” It sums up two reasons I fell in love with her: she focuses on the positive in other people and she’s a sincere, honest person. That means you’ll like what you see, and what you see really is what you get. You’re lucky if you get to meet a few people like that, and you’re even luckier if they fall for you too, as Teresa did with me.

Teresa and her vintage townie bike she found at a yard sale for $10! (In a dress she made, of course.)

One of the things I admire about Teresa is her ability to make anything: useful things, beautiful things, things that are special to people. Once she built a Victorian dollhouse for her niece. You can buy dollhouses, but you can’t buy them with the exact paint scheme your niece wanted – that’s what made it special. Teresa listens to what people really want, and that’s something you can’t buy.

Another example: since she is small, often clothes don’t fit her well. Instead of complaining, Teresa taught herself how to sew everything from skirts to gorgeous formal dresses — all of which fit perfectly.

Ukulele lady

I could go on, but I’ll finish by mentioning that Teresa makes it a priority to bring beauty to her surroundings. Beautiful things are often expensive, but Teresa will always find a way. Scouring at yard sales, trading website design for art from friends, making things herself – Teresa makes it happen. I feel lucky because that means I get to live in a beautiful home.