About Michael

Our niece Lilly picked out a present for Michael (and wrapped it herself).

(by Teresa)

The first thing I always think of when describing him is that Michael is one of the smartest people I know. One friend, lovingly, calls him an “all-ologist”, meaning, he knows something about everything.  He especially loves science, biology and has a insatiable appetite for knowledge. Combine that with a near-photographic memory – he’s like a walking encyclopedia. He loves to share what he knows and is a great teacher.

Michael in his natural element - no bio of him is complete without one of his two-wheeled friends in the picture.

I love to watch him with kids because he speaks to them at a level they understand, explaining complicated concepts so that they make sense. All kids love him – you can just see it in their eyes – they find him fascinating. I can’t wait to watch him help our child explore and learn about the world.

Geeking out at the Chabot Space and Science Center, just a short drive (or bike ride) from our house

Michael has so much passion for life. He is joyful and playful with a healthy level of mischief and a great sense of humor.  He says or does something that makes me laugh every day. I often find funny notes and things around the house he puts for me to find knowing, “when she finds this, she is going to laugh!” and, of course, I do. I love that he is always thinking of me.

Michael really enjoys life and loves to travel and seek out adventure, but he is also extremely responsible and level-headed. When we met, I was surprised how someone so young just “had it together”. He has always planned and saved for the future because he can envision it.  Because of him, I can now also see this beautiful future too.  He works hard to make it a reality for us as a family.

I love imagining the future with my best friend and I know he is going to make a great dad!