A magenta Victorian

Niece Lilly arranges furniture in the dollhouse I made for her 6th birthday. She loved it, yay!!!

When I make something for someone, I spend a lot of time thinking about them when I am working on it.  With every single one of those shingles, I thought of my niece Lilly and the joy she would get playing with this house.  Okay, I’m not going to lie, part of the time I was also thinking, “OW, hot glue! my fingers!!!!”

She chose that magenta paint scheme and I built the whole thing from balsa wood and papered the walls and even found hardwood floor patterned fabric that I shellacked to the floor which looks really real.

And it was just a happy coincidence that the fedora I found at at thrift store for her perfectly matched her house.  I’m not sure if she loved the hat as much as I loved seeing it on her but oh well, we can’t all be hat people!

Here it is all finished and ready to make a little girl happy. I would have just died of happiness if someone gave me this when I was little.


August 5, 2010. Pictures.

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